Fees & Insurance

I do charge according to the official tariff system for psychotherapists (GOP) between 2.8 and 3.5 times the standard rate depending on professional assessment. Currently that amount varies between 112,62 € and 140,76 € per 50 minute session.
For your information: http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/gop/BJNR081800000.html

Why it can make sense to pay for psychotherapy privately

Private insurance

I am not part of the German statutory health insurance system (Gesetzliches Krankenversicherungssystem). Private insurances cover the costs of psychotherapy in general. However, I do not deal directly with your insurance company. You pay and then request reimbursement from the company. If you want them to reimburse you, I will provide you with a monthly “Receipt for Insurance” which you can turn in to your insurance company for reimbursement. You would be responsible for:

  1. Checking with your insurance carrier to make sure that they will pay for therapy with me;
  2. Paying upfront and sending in the “receipts for insurance” to your insurance to get reimbursed.

For patients in the statutory health insurance system

Although I do not have the possibility to bill the German statutory health insurances directly, there is the possibility of getting the costs of a psychotherapy reimbursed under certain conditions.

The German statutory health insurances are obliged to guarantee the adequate care of their clients. If you can prove to your health insurance company that you were not able to find a psychotherapist who works within the statutory health insurance system in your immediate surrounding who can offer you treatment within a reasonable period (up to 6 weeks), you have the right to make arrangements with a psychotherapist of your choice.

Here are the necessary steps

1. Step: Get in touch with your health insurance

Contact your health insurance and ask how you can make an application for "Kostenerstattung für Psychotherapie" (cost allowance for psychotherapy). Be prepared that they will react negatively.

2. Step: Collect refusals

Call five psychotherapists, who work within the statutory system and ask, when a free therapy place is available. Take written notes of name & address of the therapist, date, time and result of the telephone calls. (Attention: do not ask for the waiting period up to the to the preliminary session, but for the waiting period up to the beginning of the actual therapy).

3. Step: Certified urgency

This requires a visit with your family doctor or psychiatrist / neurologist. Ask your doctor to certify the urgency of a psychotherapeutic treatment. A short written statement is sufficient. Moreover, you need a medical "Konsiliarbericht" which basically has to state that physical causes for your condition can be excluded.

4. Step: Application for "Kostenerstattung"

If all documents are together, you have to send a written application for "Kostenerstattung für Psychotherapie" to your German statutory health insurance provider. Usually they will require a written report from your therapist. In order for me to complete such a report I need to schedule up to five appointments with you. In the case of an approval the costs of these initial appointments are covered by the insurance. In the case of a refusal these appointments are charged to you. As soon as your health insurance approves your application we can start therapy.